How We Choose Recipients

GHA’s housing program begins by having members of the community identify potential recipients. Our recipient families live in extreme poverty, earning on average $3-4 for a full and strenuous day of labor in the fields, when there is work available.


Once actual ownership of the building lot is established, the families applying are interviewed to determine their relative need based on the number of children in the household, possible special needs, and the condition of their current dwelling. We always take pains to confirm that the children’s mother is named on the Escritura (the rough equivalent of a Title). This precaution helps to assure that in the unfortunate event of a domestic dissolution that the mother and her children will continue to occupy their home.


   Beginning with the screening process and continuing through construction the Owners are encouraged to a acquaint themselves with other local programs that might benefit their family. After receiving the keys to their home, we stay in contact with the family to make sure their home continues to be safe, sound, and dry. We have a Social Worker from the area on staff to help us during the selection process and to follow up with the family after their home is complete.

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